Monday, February 23, 2009

Breaking Bread

Well, It's been a bit since my last check in. Since I've started working with another church worship department (River of Life EFC), in Elk River MN. , most spare time has been re-shifted to that process of discovery, evaluation and potential solutions.

I'm spending more time these days with Jordan our 12 year old, trying to practice what I preach about family before ministry. Cant' get that time back.
Well the photo above is last night after a worship event at the church called "Reign Down".
There were 25 musicans, singers, Tech crew, video and recording folks that should be in this picture but in the "process" we never thought about a photo until 10pm when there were just a few left in the kitchen hog-in down on some giant Italian Subs . L to R. Jason Peterson my little "Brah" is out as the sax man for Michael Bolton for years and tours with various artists as well as being a great singer,piano player and funky songwriter. Danny Roo was drumming and this church is his home church so it was a treat for him to have on the platform. Danny plays with a 10pc. horn band called "Power of 10" In the twin cities. He has one of the biggest hearts in the world. Tood Earnster "BigE" is founding member of "Killer Hayseeds" and we go back along time. Todd is a remarkable guitar player and has "I AM" studios just outside of the cities. I did a lot of my last worship record at Todd's place.

Well last nights "Reign Down" worship event was our second and I was blessed to have old friends come in and give their time and services to recording and multi camera shoots. JP, and the BPEFC video crew, thank you so much. I'm looking forward to seeing what it turns into.

Well it was the first night with my wife, daughter and one son "The O's" singing tenor, alto and soprano. Our daughter is a harpist and new mom :) ( What a treat. My dearest bud Rick Baron ( also sat in and sang after doing all his morning services cross town at his church.

Well I could go on and on about the band, and the ROL singers did a great job as the praise choir.

All that said, the real star of the evening was "the morning star". Hundreds of people got their praise down and then moved into an hour of intimate worship and prayer. It was wonderful with all the world class musicians on the platform, to see people standing, stitting, kneeling, bent over in the stillness of the Holy Spirits love and presence, not focusing on "men and their abilities" but on "God's Holy Spirit and it's presence, power and purpose". d Learning to be still and listen and receive is very hard for some folks. They just wanna keep "moving" in this nano speed atmosphere.

"Be Still And Know" is more important than ever before in this time we live in.

But can't we just do God at the fast food window? Drive up, get a blessing, give our offering, listen to worship while waiting for our blessing in line and then drive off?
Or just download it on our Blackberrys and skip the drive altogether. Hey, that way we can pause it whenever we get a text or call.

I'm reminded in saying that, of all the time I go to prayer and two minutes in the phone rings or my kids interrupt me or, or, or, and I snap out of prayer in that nano second and go back to it when I'm done with the distraction. Could i do anything more disrespectful to the Holy Spirit?
I know when someone sets up a meeting with me and then when they show up they are taking calls and texting in the middle of my converstions, I'm so frustrated by that lack of respect.
Well --- there I am - doing that to the great I AM! Forgive me Lord and help me to make time to sit and "soak" with You, alone. Getting my flesh used to not taking those distractions so that You can do the work on my heart that You desire to do, and not in the Fast Food Prayer Line.

Well again this morning i'm reminded how much I need a Savior every day. Not that I don't understand the fullness of His grace and mercy on an eternal level, but that, no, I really don't understand the fullness of His grace and mercy. It is just that, to big, to wide, to great to comprehend in the natural. So humbly this morning I sit quietly in awe once again.

Thank you to all of my brothers and sisters who came out and supported this event last night.
You know who you are and I pray you left with a fuller cup from which to pour on the thirsty!

No there is something about soakin!