Wednesday, September 24, 2008

God Bless Humpty Dumpty

This last week as we are allowed to peek behind the economic curtain and see how badly greed has captured our fair system, I'm reminded of Humpty Dumpty. I pray our markets do not fall off the wall and yet that is the price we pay for not being good stewards.
You can not legislate greed and fairness but you can put penalties in place if you do get greedy. Let's pray that there is enough fear in politicians hearts today to at least try to do the right thing for the people as the U.S. attempts to correct this historic problem.
If my people, who are called by my name...
God always has conditions for us to receive His promises and yet we continue to believe we can get it our own ways and then be upset when things go south.

Lord forgive us for our selfish ways and for being such bad examples to the lost and dying world around us that "only" desires to live for "more" of the what the world offers. And we are here so often showing the world that we are addicted to the same idols. Help us to seeks self-lessness over selfishness. Pray for our nation.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here I Am

Here I am,
Inviting You today.
In my live,
In every place in every way
Holy Spirit take control,
As I raise my hands to pray
I give my body mind an soul
A sacrifice this day.

Here i am, all for You
Wash me clean
Make me new
I worship You
The redeeming Lamb
Returning King
The Great I Am

Well it's about 3AM and i again realize what a night owl I have been for 35 years.
I love writing and recording into the morning hours.

The photo today is a rocker my mom gave me years ago for our daughter when she was born. It got pretty banged up and broken, but instead of throwing it away, I've used it as a flower pot and yard art various colors.

Today we checked out a new church and then Jane and I took Jordan to play paintball (woods and speed) for the rest of the day. What fun he has getting black and blue doing this! And tonight I went for the second straight night to hear a revivalist here in mpls. The worship both nights did not reach me but Doug Stanton the minister was just incredible in his sensitivity to ministering to each group. Tonight while he was ministering I had a new song come to me in that sweet place. The lyrics are above and here is a link to the first recorded version of it from here at the house tonight.

What struck me as Doug ministered was how it begins with our confession and willingness to hear from God that opens His ability to work through us in all areas.
The line "Here I Am" came to me as a confessional opening line to worship.
Lord Here I Am. It begins with submission, humility and an invitation to our very cores.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Doug Stanton is ministering in Brooklyn Center, Thurs-Mon. now at 7:30 till 10?
It is 5 fold ministry for the faint of heart, but his teaching and ministry the two nights I've seen him were sweetly spoken and rarely did he even raise his voice. "wow" how un-evangelistic. And he didn't tell even "one" joke.

I loved his heart to move the program according to what the Spirit was doing and leading. The program was different each night. His deal is not to have a church and steal folks from other churches, but to be a revivalist and "revive" folks and send them filled up and back to their local churches.

With all that's going on in Lakeland FL with Todd and his wife, revivals are not a hot topic to many folks today, but I was blessed to go and sit and get fed just watching people be set free in an open setting. hmmmm. God is good, and his methods to reach people continue to bless my heart and keep my eyes wide open.

I was so planning to hit the trout waters of WI in 3 hours but writing and recording a new worship song trumps just about anything. Hallelujah, be blessed and as with all my tunes, feel free to download them and send them on to others.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lord Reign Forever (and begin in me)

I've been thinking about a song I wrote a few weeks ago over at church. I was worshiping at home and playing it on guitar when I realized that I needed to double the chorus, and give it a less smooth jazz vibe and more of an acoustic worship tune. Click here for a listen . (Let me know if it works for you).

Well the State fair is over now and all the diets are in order to attempt to shed the "food from a stick". I must admit that this year was the first year in about 10 that I went to the fair to see some friends of mine do a concert. AND I did have my old "2 corndogs" just like old times. Corn-fession is good for the soul.

Political conventions are also over now and the "red meat" has been thrown, so I expect 60 days of bitter commercials pitting one group against the other, and both in the name of God. I go back to portions of Greg Boyd's "Myth of a Christian Nation" and remind myself to pray for my enemies (politically and socially) and change my life first with unconditional love (until they threaten my family or nation).

I believed in states rights, gun rights, less government and non-legislative judges long before I found out they were a specific party platform. So I guess i'm a life long quazi independent conservative,with libertarian leanings who wants the planet taken care of, not used up. If you dirty my trout streams I'll come looking for you!

Abortion and Gay Rights have polarized the nation for over 30 years now and I just pray that "Each Individual" will have a "love" change in their hearts and "not" ever desire to have an abortion of one of God's precious children, as well as love my gay neighbors enough to let the love of Christ expose the truth in them and me. God has to do the changing. As for the Marriage Ammendment, it's of Judo-Christian history (the concept of marriage 'one man one woman') and it should never be "legislated" changed. If gay couples or hetrosexual couples living outside of marriage want to have "social rights" like insurance or hospital visitation rights then let the states individually decide and vote on it. If they want to name a commitment between themselves "Togethered" and go get "togethered" then have at it, but don't mess with the constitution of marriage. I agree that believers should not be in the business of judging nonbelievers by believers standards, but there has to be standard moral laws that we agree upon as a nation. That's why we are "NOT" Europe. "OR" the Muslim Nations.
Ok I'll do my best not to bring up politics for some time now. But with all we're going through right now, It's important that we discuss our hearts.

Pray for the independants. They will make this election sway one way or another. They need wisdom to weed through the lies and lunacy of the media and party hardliners.

Let's all tune up our snowmobiles and get some Caribou stew:)