Thursday, July 16, 2009


This photo is a picture I took on Ft. Sumpter. This flag flew over the Ft. on the first day of the Civil War. Oh the 10's of thousands of lives lost for the freedoms of so few but for the principals we hold dear for all.

I found a little book in my office that was left by a previous worship director. Seasons of Change by Dr. Myles Munroe.

His opinions about Slavery, Missions Fields, Missionaries, Enslavement and any groups ability to allow others to "take care of them" instead of learning to be responsible and 1st take care of themselves and 2nd begin taking care of others is pretty profound. It sure seems that our nation has elected officials into office and decided that "they" know best and will just do the right thing. I'm not sure if the average American is so overwhelmed with their own lives and families that they can't "go there" and just watch the news each night and say "it's only 4 years, and they promised to bring hope and change and compassion and transparency. It's gotta be better than the last 8".
Dear Jesus please wake up THIS nation's independents and moderates to realize what's really happening here. As Dr. Munroe would say "

What is freedom. Nobody should ever be given the privilege of ascribing to you worth. If you get your value from someone, (or a group) they can determine how much you are worth. In fact, the real issue is not "civil rights" but human rights. Human rights are inherent in God's creation of man; civil rights is man's opinion of that human being. Dr. Myles Munroe "Seasons of Change". P.71

We are allowing our elected officials to sell our nation into slavery to itself and other nations.

I will admit I'm an independent conservative who has voted for more conservatives than liberals over the decades and voting for Jimmy Carter is the one vote I'm now ashamed of 30 years later. In my youth because he was "born again" (I read that in a Larry Flynt Penthouse article)
I thought that was a good enough reason to vote for him. That was as misguided as reading the Larry Flynt article. I remember buying the magazine - asking what page the article started on - thumbing through the edge of the page numbers and cutting it out of the magazine so I could photostat the article and have it for other friends to read apart from getting your mind pumped up with an artificial injection of what love Isn't.

Back to Freedom. New conservative media superstar Glen Beck is crying out like John the Baptist every day. Pleading with Americans to take their country and government back. So he started the neighborhood parties concept and tea parties, and is screaming like a fool to the wind.

I'm afraid it might be to late. I'm afraid that God may have just said - like he said to Israel - "Ok, you want a king instead of me, so be it. Here's what's gonna happen because of it, but hey I love you and it's your choice. I'll still be here when you fall". And fall we just may. Beyond our wildest expectations. True leaders lead not for personal gain but for the sake of others. Do you see ANY of that in Washington. Is it even possible with the way the political systems are set up and paid for. The politicians become instant slaves to their "funders" and we in turn become slaves to our Govt. who will become our "funders" of everything "good" and for the sake of "all" because it's "fairer".

I hope you're praying each night and day for a miracle. God will always be there and He will always make good for those called according to His purpose and those who humble themselves and pray and turn from their "personal' wicked ways. His promises are true, each and every one, but the consequences of our lack of action in the natural right now, I'm afraid will change our nations foundational under pinnings and turn us from freedom to enslavement.
Thank you Father that our hope and future are not found here, but help us to not lose sight of the responsibilies we have in maintaining our libertys as a nation. God bless those serving for our freedoms, obeying orders and maintaining that high standard around the globe.