Friday, March 11, 2011

Pass it on.

Those of us who are writers and creators of music always speak about hoping our music gets passed on to others. We don't much care about the monetary part of it, we just want others blessed by what God has given us to share. We want to Pass It On. The world tells us that we should not do anything without being sure we get our "pennies" for each play. I think for decades so much good music has set in basements because artists were duped into thinking they would be wealthy if they would just hang on to their records for the right price. Thank you internet. CD Baby, youtube, facebook, google and the rest of the social medias who are giving free server space for artists songs to get into the ether where anyone can find it. One mans treasure is anothers trash. We all have and love different styles. In this all, it does mean that prob. 50% of the music uploaded is really bad.. i mean really bad, but that goes with the territory.
I love seeing each day the video posts on Facebook from friends of old classic recordings of outside artists. So enriching outside of the mainstream "pop" culture.

Well, I received a nice post from England today on our arrangement of Gaithers "Come Holy Spirit" off of youtube. While reading of course i noticed that Terry M. had an arrangement of it. Well to my surprise, it was a different song. yes, Simple, dated, 80's, bla bla bla --- but --- so very sweet!

I don't post others songs to often, but I think with the way new music is flowing in social media, it might be the best way to propagate songs - new and old - to those who may not have heard them and what a great way to introduce what you like to others AND viral market artists you believe in.
So I hope to post many more songs in the future by others that "get' me across all musical lines.
Cant wait to chart this song today and introduce it to a new group of worshipers who've prob. never heard it because it never played on our local radio....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm driving the other day to church early Sunday morning. It's a 30min. commute into the country. Quad espresso in my right hand, no radio on, foggy country roads and silence.
I'm off this particular Sunday but wanted to go and work with my adult volunteer team, work with my volunteer audio techs and then go watch and play two worship sets with my childrens worship team made up of middleschool and highschool kids. So great to see "change" and growth in people. Then i happen to look down at my left shirt sleeve. There it was... the photo posted above. (I took it while driving. oops...) It's a vintage cuff link from 1954 in silver. My right sleeve had a gold one from the 30's. I love to mix and match!

So what about the 54. Well, I've had this cuff link since 1973 and it was my mothers fathers. Don Tuttle. What a great tenor he was. I found out after he died that he loved bull dogs and fly fishing. (both of which I love) incredible.
But he spent most his life teaching and directing after giving up performing. I only have old records and tapes of some of his stuff, and a few photos. I did get a few voice lessons, the few times I was with him, when he came to town to visit. Always felt a kind of kindred spirit. He passed when I was in 10th grade. Remember that day well.

Here's one of the few photos of him I have. Looks like the 50's to me.
Well I did get some of his genes and hair line at that time of life. lol.
So back to the cuff links. I've worn them 100's of times over the years when I entertained 6 nights a week. Then I noticed the other morning staring at that link, that i was 54 years old - wearing one of my grandfathers cuff links with 54 on it.
He was a lifetime teacher and here I was driving up on a day off to mentor and teach and oversee musicians. Kinda got to me a bit. I stared at that cuff link while driving, thanking him for the legacy of his life to me, and that I'm able in my own small way to let it live on. So in the same way i think of my children. What kind of little things will I leave them to remember me by. What connection points. What words or phrases. Will they be positive or will my personal unknown negatives help them to find the positives for themselves. Will I see my grandfather in eternity? Honestly... I have no idea. Sure hope so. I had accepted Christ the year he passed and never got to have those conversations. I know I'll see my kids for eternity, the greatest promise as a mortal parent.

I do wish I had Don's old bamboo fly rods and fishing stuff. Wish I had a photo of his old bull dog. I do have his piano and one of his ivory directing batons from the 50's. That I cherish. But the one old silver cuff link discovered in a new way on a cold foggy winter morning in my 54th year. Priceless.