Sunday, February 9, 2014

Black and White.. in a snowy land.

Watching "North Star, Mn Black Pioneers". on TPTL cable 13 this morning as part of my morning worship service. Better than most the sermons I can see on Cable, this humble sermon on the lives of incredible life stories of Blacks and their journeys to MN in 1800's from the South to TwinCities, Fergus Falls, Hallak, Harstad, up the Mississippi was humbling. It also made me think of my European Grand Parents and thier difficult journeys to find hope and chance for a freedom and a new life in Amercia and it's growing and changing democracy.

From all the firsts for Blacks in MN. Inventors, Dr,'s Lawyers and so much more this docu. is richly spoken by the incredible and humble articulate children and grandchildren of many famous Americans from MN.  Yet, the learning today of the horrible lynching of the three black teens in Duluth in the 20's, with a photo of the lynching selling for 5cents afterwards just wounded my heart.   Without TV and much radio, who indoctrinated this kind of hatred and fear to a small port town?  It was PARENTS who did or at least allowed it willingly or unwillingly.  Both were not acceptable.  And like the post war Germans, we better face all of our past  head on with our children and grandchildren or we will repeat . Duluth has made an effort. Has it made a difference?  Have evil hearts been changed,or have only new generations been educated differently?

 The photo was a mob of whites in glee in 1920 Duluth.
All I could think of when seeing this was the video's of the modern day muslim beheading in the Mideast and the glee in the faces of those same hate filled peoples, thinking their acts of self righteous hate (as they held heads of innocent people or mutilated or murdered women) captured in film like this.

Never thought this kind of hate was that close to home... in Duluth? And less than 100 years ago.

What we are taught by our parents, is what our neighborhoods and nation will become. There just is no place for racism or radical religious views to grow. Not even in a democracy...  And by radical, I mean this exactly, "the 1,6million radicalized muslims in the world who have no problem killing your children, you, or I. If given the chance for religious power and control, they would not think twice" .

That's not the religious right wing of the conservative party or churches of Christian faith."  That's not peace loving Buddists and Hindi's.  That's radicalized Muslim teaching in their "churches" and religious schools", and here in America and around the free world,  we just let it continue as "what can ya do?"  How do you separate peace loving religious peoples from radicals. Can you re-educate people indoctrinated with this kind of base hatred against each other around the world and here?  We have freedom of speech and religion, but when does it cross the line?  If churches say "death to  x-group if they don't accept Jesus" or organizations teach "death to group-x if they don't change?
  Can all the radical muslim groups world wide be changed?  Will they ever give up on their goal of Sharia? of death to infidels beginning with Israel? Are they lost generations, and our only hope is to find ways to re-educate their children and ours into a different and more peaceful world?
If you watch this inspiring docu. , think about those questions in the light of loving people seeking freedom contrasted by the Duluth based bigotry of an ignorant people. See how it has now changed almost 100 years later up there.  This photo (impossible to remain silent), is of those 3 young men being remembered in Duluth to keep it from happening again, and to educate new generations.  Is there hope for hate groups with murder as the solution?   For those who follow Christ and his teachings, I'd say yes. (political crusades aside from Euro history).  For those who follow many peaceful religions Id say yes. For those who follow sharia and or segregationist, superior, supremacy or (money over all) life views.... I say, not a chance for all, but only a few souls willing to get past radical and ignorant hate.

Tell me what you think of this, if you take the actual time to watch it.. Treat it like a sermon and just force yourself to sit in the pew. With the exception of Duluth... It will inspire you to see the good in people and surly recognize when culture has poisoned the rest. Hate has a face that is very recognizable. In any color or language..