Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well my little brother turned 40 this month. He always dreamed of skiing out west, but being a realist with 3 young kids he figured Lutsen, would be good enough. So after 25 years of dreaming about it, he asked me to go be his ski bum partner for two days. Can't fully tell you how fun it is to see someone living their dreams. I hope you have the chance to experience yours and or someone else's dreams some time. So much fun. And then there was the 48 hours of nonstop skiing. with a coca-cola break (once!). I will now admit that you can lose 10 pounds in 48hours if you exercise 15 hrs. of it. Had a great conversation at the chalet with a couple from Alaska who were pretty faith un-friendly. It was great to share the "love" of Christ by just being real with folks and watching them say 'hmmm maybe a life of faith isn't that weird as I thought it was". Thank you Lord for fresh powder and soft landings:)