Monday, June 21, 2010

Remembering Fathers Day

Well here tonight on my deck I'm reminissing of my best friend. On fathers day I'm reminded of the thousands of smiles, tears and laughter I was blessed to share with my dad. He never talked about himself, the wars, his pains and struggles. He just had a kind gentle way of loving just about everyone. Taking over 100 foster children in with his 5 kids and a dog and cat, his only frustrations came out watching sporting events, muttering over a 3 putt or a duff chip, liberal politicians and trying to find a way to not argue with mom with "Oh Marilyn".... Never complained about 3 jobs, losing his company, 2 heart attacks and bypass surgery, lung and brain cancer. NEVER.
Could have had surgery for the lung and brain cancer but like the end of Private Ryan said "I've lived a good life, I'm ready to close this short story and enter the novel of all novels. Never talked about another woman other than his wife. Rarely ever took time for himself and Never complained about that either. Loved to shine shoes on a Sat. PM and wear a turtleneck with a sportcoat. Loved mustache wax and relished every moment of a good cigar (from me:) lol, cause he'd never spend over 2bucks for one. I think my favorite moment was taking him along on a road trip to Palm Desert for a gig. He'd not been away from my mom more than 2 days in over 35 years. We stood alone on a lush Tee box as the sun came up in the desert with the mountains all around and I don't think he ever thought he's be that lucky to do that. That look, that smile, that "gosh this is something" gaze with a fist pump... forever priceless.
And now every day I stand on a course we used to play or at a restaurant we'd eat at... I'm reminded of how grateful beyond measure I am for such an incredible friend for so many years.
And then yesterday walking off a golf course past the clubhouse window I glanced into the window and saw him.... It was a reflection of me in the window... who I can only hope is somewhat a reflection of a man much larger that I'll ever be.