Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy God

This morning I was thinking about a church I'm leading worship at this Sunday. It has the largest mix of nations I've ever seen in an actual church. I was thinking about how great it is that people of various nations and languages come and meet in one place each week with different languages and cultures.

As I thought about addressing this group, a worship thought dropped into my heart. We'll I skipped breakfast, wrote it and recorded it this morning and afternoon here at home and here it is for you to get a first draft on. You all know I play and sing everything at home by myself, so the arrangements and vocals are limited to my abilities and range. Hope it blesses you. Link is here and in the index

All of us, in this place

We have come here as one voice to seek Your face

And every tongue and every race
Every heart You have created to embrace

Holy God, here we stand
We lay our lives before Your risen Lamb

Jesus Christ, son of God
With humble hearts we come just as we are

Broken here, Make us new, Just like You.

Take these eyes, let them see
That You love all of creation, even me
For in my sin, and in my shame

You died and rose to give me life again

Holy God Here I stand

I lay my life before the risen lamb
Jesus Christ, Son of God

With humble heart I come just as I am
Broken here, Make me new, Just like you

Wonderful, marvelous, morning star, yes you are

Holiness, righteousness, Yeshua, everything.

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Al Kogler said...

WOW. I just listened to this and was immediately in the Holy Place. Thanks for sharing. Al Kogler