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Well here I go again.  Nevada and the Nicene creed. What are you fighting for.
This last week the standoff in Nevada on Holy week made me think of and apply the 5 W's again to that phrase. In fact I'll add "How" to the Who what when where why as i think about this.

As we Fight For What We Believe In: 
Who are we? (what can we find in common with those we disagree with without bloodletting)
What are we? (what have we been indoctrinated into that might just be wrong or atleast just an opinion)
When are we? (what are we like in private vs public, secular vs sacred that affects others views of us)
Where are we? (where is the best place to fight for what we believe in)
Why are we? (why are we really fighting. To make ourselves feel better about ourselves, to justify our own actions, to obtain paradise or to uphold the way of life we believe in whether "right or wrong" )
How are we? (what methods are we using to fight for what we believe in. Religion, politics, money, words, books,media, bombs, chest bombs?)

People are indoctrinated with a set of values from parents, teachers, friends, enemies and media as it relates to their community surroundings. Remember Ethan couch who killed four people and said "it's not my fault, I'm rich and entitled, I have "affluenza".   Really... 
Well go back 1,000's of years and name a race, a gang, a club, a cult or a team for that matter and include them all.   We're all groups of people getting together to say " we're alike about this subject". Groups willing to work and fight for those things they feel common about. And how far should they fight for their "groups rights" and (5W's). And can we be willing to admit we've been wrong?
In America, what would our founding fathers say about the state of rights and the bill of rights.

American politics is like American Religion... Yup, to many at the top are doing a great job of corralling and emptying the pockets and hearts of followers via finger pointing. Really, what does finger pointing mean vs how it's perceived? "Hey you need to be like Jesus might be what's meant, but what's heard is,  "Hey Douchbag I'm right and you're wrong." Perception is everything.

 I looked for a political finger pointing photo but anyone I picked to post here would have showed me a racist or bigot or pacifist just for choosing one with a face, so this one shot during a debate shows my point without really pointing fingers :)..

  In politics,  most would say that those pandering to the  left of center ask for money to support and fight for the poor, the earth, the disenfranchised, the mothers and the laywers and unions. And Yup, most would say that those pandering to the right of center are asking for money to support, big business, guns, fetal life and wrap that in a big religious anti gay flag with a 100 foot high fence aross the south. This is sadly what most our youth believe about us anyway...

 I think most people are in the middle and sucked into either side over a few critical points.

American Religion? same thing. Divide and conquer. You are for us or against us. With us or just plain wrong..
You're either in our camp or silently avoided as the unenlightened;  that is unless your gift is adversarial law preaching wherein the finger pointing and (truth by shouting) is taught. And this teaching and preaching by "I"m right and your wrong"  then mixes with politics and you end up with people thinking this stuff is ok..

Really, this is what Jesus taught us? Is this what centuries of religious scholars have passed down to so many ? And to think millions of people go to listen and believe and repeat what these people are "preaching?".

 I think most people are in the middle and sucked into either side over a few critical points.

So, what can I fight for that I believe in and how? How would Jesus do that? How did Jesus do that? How would he teach it today differently in this culture?

Sin... hmmm..   The new forgotton word.

The word "Sin" has been used so much in the damaging art of finger pointing that it's now been eliminated in many new and young churches and it's out of the dictionary  and vocabulary of many preaching/teaching books,  just like the word "evangelical" is being eliminated as researched by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyon in  the book Un-Christian.  There are so many proper reasons "sin" needs to be remembered and discussed, and so many reasons we need to stop using it as a stick in the eye..   For me here's a reason it's important to keep it in your thinking.

I may be saved by Gods mercy and grace via Christ's sacrifice, but if I leave out "I'm  a sinner", in the " saved by grace phrase", suddenly i'm empowered to somehow begin to believe i'm Ok,  that I'm better than those who are not saved and still sinning, and that  begins to come out in everything I unconciously say and do.
How do we know this.  Look at the world around us under 35 years old. They want very little to do with our religion, our jesus, our two sided faiths. They see it more as us fighting for what we want people to think we believe in. They have lived in our houses and seen behind our curtains.

What if we actually admitted our weaknesses, our addictions and our fears and allowed others to do the same? I mean from the top down. Leaders, pastors, fathers, mothers. What if we actually walked in humility knowing that no one is better than anyone else?  What if the words, Love your neighbor as yourself meant you have to find a way to love and accept yourself before you can love and accept others. What if that begins with your leaders, pastors, parents, teachers helping the young to understand they are ok, broken we all are, you're ok and you're beautiful.  What if you could love others because you are loved, not just to look for a fight and a division because you have been taught you are better or somehow smarter and that gives you a right to fight..

Maybe just maybe when I say "fight for what you believe in", Jesus words are whispering back "Love what you believe in".  What if using  Love, peace, patience, kindness, longsuffering was "fighting for what you believed in". Willingly and conciously listening and praying instead of talking and mentally reloading.

And for anyone who knows me, I'm certainly not a pacifist. I kill animals and fish to eat and protect my property and family. And if faced with armed agression, fear or actual violence against my family and friends by anyone including govt's or religions foreign or domestic? I'd have to say" Sorry Jesus, I'm not Ghandi,  I'm gonna lock and load, and like Mel Gibson in "we were soldiers once" and I'd be prayin Hal Moore's prayer: Oh, yes, and one more thing, dear Lord — about our enemies? Ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those little bastards straight to hell. Amen

and please, no mel gibson comments :)

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