Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The other day a mutual friend made a comment about the loss of good people. I responded "nothing good goes unshattered". That phrase stuck in my craw for two days . This morning as the rain fell again at 46degrees and only the espresso seemed to make me smile I wrote this out.  On paper it seemed like a a Springsteen "brilliant disguise" type of tune. Then I picked up my old Gibson to find a key and write a melody, and it suddenly changed as I began to play here. I like to record the first ideas on songs so I have them to go back to. Now with simple macbooks and the advent of Youtube bad video production, we're all used to things sounding this way.


 Seems Nothing Good Goes Unshattered,  
every piece of silk wears worn and tattered
aint nothing on this earth that lasts forever,  
but your soul man.
All your favorite toys will be broken  
all your part time lovers will leave unspoken
There aint nothing on this earth that lasts forever  
but your soul man

Runnin in circles goin no where fast 
lookin for some light on some darkened path
You may be shiny and bright and catch some eyes
 but you aint no angel in disquise
just another soul  man,and you’re  looking for love.

 All my papers framed in degrees, 
won't impress anyone smarter than me.
and there aint no job to fulfill your soul, 
in this life man

 Runnin in circles goin no where fast 
like a click clack train on a basement track
every things real in a fantasy world  
till you wake up and in an empty bed,. 
and you're just another soul man,   
looking for love. 

BR)    Slow down, close your eyes and breathe       
 listen, to what the silence brings... to your soul man.

High end whiskey and high end scotch
  hell, high end anything that you got
there just a high end bandaid for a troubled spot   
in your soul man

 Running in circles on an oval track  
tryin to beat somebody climbing on your back
that inside lane looks like good ole crack,  
till it takes you out on the wall,   
but it's your soul man, 
looking for good  times,   
It's your soul man,   
looking for love.

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